Tesla truck versus Ford 2020

Tesla truck versus Ford

When we try to compare Tesla truck versus Ford, we must bear in mind the similarities and differences between them.

Both cars have special specifications that make them highly competitive and marketable.

During the unveiling of the Tesla Truck CyberTruck, Elon Musk, presented a video of the new electric truck. Which was challenging the force against the Ford F-150, through the famous “tug of war” game.

The video showed an easy victory for the future electronic truck over the best-selling cars in the US today. Amid questions about whether it was a fair Tesla truck versus Ford competition.

One of the largest criticisms of the Tesla truck versus Ford video was the F-150’s drive mode. Only the truck’s rear tires were smoking, it appeared the truck wasn’t using four-wheel drive. Meaning it had less traction, and wouldn’t be able to put down as much power, as the Tesla Cybertruck.

What really happened in Tesla truck versus Ford Competition?

Despite the announcement that the Tesla electric pickup truck failed due to its strange shape and the glass breakage, that is supposed to resist the shocks, during its first presentation. However, it still has many important and unique features. She showed great ability, unprecedented strength, and unprecedented strength while taking another test.

Elon Musk posted a video showing the new CyberTrack pulling the Ford F150 truck easily to the top of the hill. Where the cyber truck appeared to be a strong contender to the Ford truck. Ford f-150 has remained the best truck in the USA for nearly 42 years.

the wheels of the Ford F-150 truck were unable to withstand during the test. And the video did not show the type of wheels used in the test. President of Ford posted a tweet saying, “Send CyberTruck and we will conduct the challenge face to face instead of you.”

Ford’s reaction to Tesla truck versus Ford video

The video sparked discontent among Ford’s fans because the video was unfair from their perspective. As the rear-wheel drive version of Ford has been used, while the Tesla is powered by all-wheel drive. In a clear indication that the competition is not neutral at all. This was what the public saw. And what was hidden was greater!

As for Ford, they described the video literally as “ridiculous”.

In the truck world, this type of racing doesn’t mean anything at all! It does not indicate at all the strength of the truck or its strong torque, nor even its bearing capacity for long-distance travel with a large load. It simply does not mean anything!

And it is only a show way to impress the general public when they see Tesla truck versus Ford video, unaware of the matters of cars or trucks, specifically. However, the real category that cares about this car and will use it in a commercial or personal manner is not concerned with this video, which is not neutral at all.

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