Tesla truck pre orders

Tesla truck pre orders

Tesla truck pre orders are gradually continuing to attract new customers. Large retail chains really want to purchase the car. As a result, they are making small, but very indicative requests for its purchase. More recently, the American beer company Anheuser-Busch placed the largest order for 40 Semi Truck electric tractors. PepsiCo, the giant in the production of soft drinks and various snacks, has decided to make its contribution to the environmental future. And, as a result, made an order immediately for 100 electric trucks.

Tesla Company received huge numbers of Tesla truck pre orders

In total, according to Reuters, Tesla has now received orders for 267 electric trucks. Among the companies that have expressed a desire to replenish their fleet with new trucks are Wal-Mart and Sysco, a company specializing in food delivery.

Recall that the presentation of the Tesla cargo model took place on November 17. The company noted that the Tesla Semi received excellent aerodynamic performance.  it is almost better than that of the  Bugatti Chiron. To accelerate to “hundreds”, Tesla tractor will take 5 seconds, with a fully loaded van it will take 20 seconds.

Companies that sent for Tesla truck pre orders

After the announcement of Tesla Semi, the company has already received several major pre-orders for new electric trucks. So, the retailer Walmart reserved 15 cars. Anheuser-Busch, a beer producer of the Budweiser brand, reserved 40 cars. And PepsiCo reserved 100 cars. Not all pre-ordering companies reported the number of cars reserved, but it is known that approximately 420 cars were reserved.

PepsiCo made the largest number of Tesla truck pre orders

Pepsi, a soft drinks company, has made the largest of Tesla’s unmanned electric truck purchases to date.

PepsiCo pre-ordered a batch of 100 Tesla electric trucks, the production of which is scheduled to begin in 2019. In total, there are pre orders for 267 Tesla Semi trucks.

Elon Mask presented the first electric truck with autopilot, on November 17.

Without charging, the truck is capable of traveling for more than 800 km. It is capable of accelerating to 60 km / h in just five seconds. The most expensive part of the electric truck is the battery. the cost of which is estimated at $ 100 thousand. However, investments in such vehicles will later pay off by lowering the cost of gasoline, and also driver salaries. 

Tesla announced preliminary prices for Tesla truck pre orders

Tesla decided on the preliminary cost of its Semi electric trucks. New-generation trucks can be bought for $ 150,000 (if the range is 482 km). And $ 180,000 (if the range is 804 km). Also at the start of sales will be available a special modification of the Founders Series for 200 thousand dollars.

The basic version of the Tesla Semi with a power reserve of 482 km will cost $ 150,000. A truck version capable of driving 804 km without recharging will cost $ 180,000, or about 10 million rubles. In addition, a special version of the Tesla Semi “Founders Series” will be available at a price of $ 200,000.

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