Tesla model 3 vs model Y

Model 3 vs model Y

When we compare Tesla Model 3 vs model Y, we find that Model Y is an enlarged and roomy version of Model 3 . She looks a lot like a little brother. The dashboard has the same 15-inch touch screen that controls functions. Materials and design are almost the same.

Mastering the mass production of Model 3 sedans was very difficult for Tesla: according to Ilon Mask, one last year lasted for him like a long five years. But at the end of last year, the company managed to bring sales up to 25 thousand “triples” per month – and now the time has come for the next stage of development. Today, the company’s design center hosted the presentation of the new Tesla Model Y crossover.

The appearance of Model Y VS Model 3?

The appearance of the Tesla Model Y 2019 for the most part copies the concept of Model 3 , since the novelty also inherited 76 percent of its components. The car is equipped with smooth lines that create simple forms without excessive pretentiousness. The side of the new Tesla Model U is slightly similar to the Porsche Cayenne Coupe.

In general, appearance is based on minimalism. The exterior of the electric machine is devoid of unnecessary elements. The bumper mounted in front turned out to be almost smooth, only in the lower part it is equipped with compact diffusers. On the sides of the hood, you can notice the presence of curly headlights that have received an average size.

The exterior of Tesla Model 3 VS Model Y

Tesla model 3

When it comes for the exterior of Model 3 VS Model Y, we find that the design team of Model 3 gave the novelty an extremely perfect and stylish exterior. The car has stylish frontal headlights, where there is LED filling, a neat bumper, where there are strips of running lights of a horizontal type, regular body panels with unique edges, a luxurious roof dome with a solid glazing area, elegant mirror housings and nice LED lights with three-dimensional optical effect.

Tesla model Y

Despite the fact that outwardly the Model Y car is similar to the “older” off-road Model X , in reality it is very difficult to call it a crossover. Here the Tesla Model 3 is more suitable, which is distinguished by the presence of a raised body. Appearance The Tesla Model Y is equipped with the “family” style of the car manufacturer – the 5-door looks beautiful, proportionate, sporty-looking and quite original.

The Interior of Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y

Tesla model 3

When you get into the Tesla Model 3 salon, you feel what real minimalism really is! Neither the console installed in the center, with buttons, nor the “board” of devices are simply gone! All the necessary list of information for the owner goes to a massive 15.4-inch screen that supports touch input.

Tesla model Y

Minimalism is also present in the interior of the American electric car. The central panel boasts a 15-inch touch screen, replacing a large number of keys and joysticks. Speaking of decoration, the lion’s share is made up of natural materials, such as wood and fabric. In the manufacture of other elements, Tesla Model Y 2019 used high-quality plastic.


Tesla model 3

  • Eight airbags;
  • Dual-zone climate control;
  • 18-inch “rollers”;
  • LED optics;
  • 15.4-inch display infotainment system;
  • Cruise control with emergency braking option and a set of equipment for autopilot operation (this includes the presence of a radar, eight cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors).

Tesla model Y

  • Six airbags;
  • Fully LED optics;
  • Dual-zone climate control;
  • Electronic systems ABS, EBD, ESP;
  • Adaptive “cruise”;
  • Dual-zone “climate”;
  • Media center, designed for 15.4-inch touch screen;
  • High-quality music system;
  • Power windows on all doors;
  • Equipment for the operation of the autopilot and more.

Safety of Tesla Model Y Vs. Model 3?

Tesla model Y

At this moment, Tesla is the undisputed leader. The engineering team worked hard to minimize the risk of an accident or collision damage. It all started with the layout of the vehicle. The batteries were placed in such a way as to increase the stability of the crossover, to prevent overturning when entering sharp turns.

To avoid injuries to the driver and passengers, engineers have provided extensive deformation zones, which are laid in the supporting structure of the body and airbag. The machine also has a solid set of electronics, which ensures safety. This may include the presence of a radar, the radius of which is 160 meters.

Tesla model 3

The company at the time of the presentation of the novelty announced that the electric sedan is one of the safest cars in the world. This is confirmed by the NHTSA service, common in the United States of America. And this despite the fact that independent crash tests have not yet been conducted.

However, the company already has its own experience with previous models, which do not allow to doubt the words of Elon Musk. In addition, there is a video where the American company itself tests Model 3 during its crash test. The opponent is the Volvo S60.

The price of Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y

Tesla model Y

Selling ​​the Model Y five-door in America began only in the fall of 2020. But the basic equipment will be available to customers even longer – until the spring of 2021. In the US, an electric SUV in the basic configuration costs from 39 thousand dollars.

You can buy the “Long Range” version of Model Y for only $ 53,000, the version with increased power (Performance) will cost at 61,000.

Tesla model 3

In the United States, the standard Tesla Model 3 will be priced at $ 35,000.

In addition, there is a navigation system, LTE, Wi-Fi, voice control, seats with fabric upholstery, keyless entry, stabilization system, automatic braking and collision avoidance. To install a rechargeable battery of increased capacity, you will need to pay from $ 44,000.

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